Inglês Nu E Cru Rádio: Pure Barre: Exercise from hell


Yes My name is Foster and I’m an English teacher and I'm here with… 


Alexia. How are you doing? 

I’m fine and you?

Doing great. 


Great. Where are we?

We are in Spartanburg, South Carolina, United States of America. 

Spartanburg, South Carolina, my hometown quick at (…) you listen burg, I believe comes from as Germanic roots, comes from German and burg means city. Spartanburg is the land or the City of the Spartans. 

Wow, are you are a Spartan? 

We are Sparta. So Alexia, what did you do today?

Everything or one special thing that you want to know?

I know what you did today for work, what did you just do physical activity?

I went to Pure Barre. 

Pure Barre. 

Pure Barre. 

OK, let's try that were Pure one more time here.


OK. So this is a complicated (…) but think about the word her. Pure. Pure. Same time. 

Her and Pure. 

OK, so what is Pure Barre? 

OK, so Pure Barre is one hour of exercisers inside of a room that looks like a ballet room.

Sorry, what are exercisers?

What do you mean?

People exercising?


I don’t think we say that in English.

OK, so?

People exercising.

Of people exercising inside of a room that looks like a ballet room but instead of a flat ground there is carpet.

Oh, there's carpet in there? 


OK, so you go into a room and there's a ballet bar right? 


It's the name of the bar. 


OK. And tell me a little bit more about it, is it like yoga, pilates, is it for girls, guys.

No, everyone can do it but most of the students from there, the clients or whatever you want to call yourself. 

The groupies. Baristas. 

Is, they are, most of them they are girls. 


From every ages. 

From all ages. 

From all ages. 

So anywhere from little girls like five years old to …

No, no, no. From I think, I don't know this thing I don’t if they accept, if they have a junior class or anything like this but …

Class for kids. 

Yeah but most of them they are from eighteen to eighty years old. 

OK. But you don't know if there's an age limit or something. 

No, I don't know. 

OK, so tell me what is it? 

In Brazil we have something that it's really, really close to that that it's called ballet fitness but I never did ballet fitness but I already watch a lot of videos in the YouTube.

Videos on YouTube, you always watch videos on YouTube.

On YouTube and Pure Barre is harder than ballet fitness.

OK. So first of all you dance ballet for a lot of years, right?


Now imagine ballet fitness is like a mix of ballet with some kind of crazy CrossFit type exercises?

Cardio exercises. 

OK. And you would never actually done this, you just watch videos on YouTube?


OK, so I would say to you don't knock it till you rock it. You know what that means?


Don't knock it till you rock it, what do you think it means?

Don't say things that you don't know. 

Yeah, don't talk negatively about something if you never tried it. 

I'm not talking negatively.

You’ve said Pure Barre was harder.

I think that Pure Barre is harder, I think that. 

OK. Regardless I think the phrase don't knock it till you're rock it is a good phrase and a great way to practice, I’m not saying the vogal de apoio.

Ok so the first time that I went to a class at Pure Barre it was on a Sunday. Sunday afternoon, at three o'clock and I was expecting… 

One fateful day.

I was expecting only five people inside the class, having the class, taking the class sorry. And then once I got there were forty girls.


Forty girls and I was really really lost at once. They starts, they start on the ground and then you go to the bar and then you have a ball and then they have elástico.


I don’t think that it's the name of that. 

Yeah, you say like elastic bends, are you talking about the thing that stretches? 


Yeah, let’s say elastic bends. Elástico. 



And you can choose which type of weight you want.

OK, can I stop you real quick? OK, two things. First can you say the word menina. 


In English, please.


OK, then how about the word mundo.


And the word for esquilo. 



Thank you. 

Excellent. The dark L combined with the “r” sound in words like girl, world, twirl, swirl, squirrel etc., extremely difficult sound in English and Alexia has practiced it a lot. 

I'm a A+ student.

Yeah, this Alexia, you make mistakes just like everyone else but …

I do. 

You don't get that R L sound without some serious practicing and a very annoying boyfriend. 

And sometimes I woke up and my English is terrible and there are times.

Sometimes I wake up.

See, I wake up and my English is terrible. 

OK, second thing you said you start on the ground so what you were saying that was doing forty girls laying on the ground in a carpeted room.


Are you wearing clothes?

Of course.



Just curious. What kind of clothes do you wear, you don’t even have to buy special socks? 

I hate when you say something that it's really really bad, you know?

OK let's continue talking about (...)? 

So you have to have their kind of socks that it's with that small, it’s some, that thing that doesn’t let you … 


Slip, yeah. 

Yeah, I would say they're grip socks, so socks that maintain your grip and you don't slide and slip on the floor, right?

Yes, you have to wear long Leggings, you can't wear shorts or have the class only with tops without a shirt, so I had to have a shirt, a top, leggings, long leggings and the socks. 

Cool, yeah. Alexia was angry that she tried to wear her sports bra and they said you need a shirt right?

Yes it's a policy from the enterprise, I'm not mad I was just curious you know why.

Just you are in carioca spirit comes out of that of it when someone tells you to put a shirt on. 

And it was really hard the first time but the second time, which I took here, in Spartanburg, it was amazing. 

Which, just a quick shout up of my city, the company Pure Barre originated in Spartanburg. 

And now.

Now it relocated to Denver, Colorado. Bigger and better things but tell me Alexia, what about the cultural aspect?

What do you mean, I'm sorry? 

I know your first Pure Barre class pretty much all three of them so far you get a little bit nervous before. 

Yeah kind of because they know it's going to be really, really hard and they're women from different states there and I don't know anyone and other thing is when there is a teacher telling you to do things and it's really fast with a huge, huge, with a very, very loud music and …

Oh, you have music?

Yes, and there are some words that it's from Pure Barre, like tuck. What is tuck, and she was like: “and then girls you tuck and lift, tuck and lift, what is that?

Can you explain what it means to tuck and lift? 

Nowadays I can. 

What is to tuck mean?

To tuck is like contrair, you have to contrair a barriga né, seu abdômen, e aí você continua com o exercício, você levanta, descontraí, essas coisas todas. So to tuck is to contrair.

Aham, and cuidado com a palavra tuck, por que é bem parecido com outra palavra...


I don’t know, most parecido com caraca. And lift quer dizer o que? Nossa senhora.

Lift quer dizer levantar. 

And lift (…) 


Isso é o que é os surdos. Short I, do inglês, (…) with eat, seat, dismiss, lift. No leafed. 



OK, and during one hour nonstop, you are combining cardio exercises and what's the other one … 


Aerobic, yeah. 




Aerobic. Yeah, the stress is on the middle syllable so if you put the stress on the first syllable it sounds like you're saying Arabic, which would be árabe. I've never been to Pure Barre but I can imagine it's a mix of cardio and aerobic. 


Would be interesting as well. 

Yes. If you ask me if it's a good thing to do with your body, yes, you're going to be lost at first, you're going to, in the middle of it, you're going to think what the hell am I doing here. 

(…) today Alexia, geez. 

I’m sorry. 

I’m just saying. 

This is a very common expression. 

Yeah but you're in my parents' house. So, is this something you would recommend to Brazilians?

Yeah, Brazilians would love that. 

And so far you've only had good experiences right everyone's nice to know and judges you about your English or because you're Brazilian? No one says vai pra Cuba? 


Ou pro México? Make America great again. 

They don't even know that I'm Brazilian. 

So everything's good? 

Yeah next class is on Friday. 

Next class is on Friday, so until then guys, what do we say? Tuck…

And lift.


And Lift.


Bye bye.