Inglês Nu E Cru Rádio: Nashville & The Importance of Making Mistakes


Hey Alexia.

Hey Foster.

How are you doing?

I’m fine and you? 

I am doing very well thank you. So today we are talking about one of the great American cities in the south, one of the great southern cities which is. 


Nashville, Tennessee. 


So do you think most Brazilians have heard of Nashville. 

Well, I don't think so but I have a lot of friends that they really, really want to come to Nashville one time and maybe one time, oh my God. 

It start getting off to a good start on the English. 

You have to cut this. 

Not cutting it, I’m keeping it (…) So, you can say a lot of my friends want to visit there one day.

One day, what I was thinking about. 

What was I thinking about?

What was I think about.

It is nine thirty pm, Alexia, her sleep schedule was about the same as an eighty five year old lady so. (…)

Or a five years old boy. 

A five year old boy. 

See, I am not to good to record right now.  


So we went to Nashville because we had friends living there. 

Yes, yes. 

Why Nashville is so important for Americans? 

Is that a question? 


Why is Nashville? OK why is Nashville so important for Americans. It's Music City. 

Ok. Can you tell me about it a little bit more?

Yeah, so Nashville is most famous for its music. It’s nickname or what people locally call Nashville is the Music City and that's because a lot of the, most classical when you think of American music like country music, bluegrass, like Elvis was from Tennessee, anything when you think about the really country like soul music of America probably has its roots in Nashville. 

Yes and it's a very fun city, once you were walking in downtown during the day, the night, during the morning twenty four hours per day and there bars opens with bands playing nonstop bands playing

Yeah, you know another good phrase for when something is happening all the time.

Twenty four seven.

Twenty four seven. All day every day. 

So have you ever been to Nashville besides this time that we went?

Yeah, yes are you asking me? 


Yeah I've been in Nashville a lot. My university actually is about maybe an hour and a half back (…) to Nashville, so when I was studying in university I visited Nashville quite often probably, been there fifteen, twenty times

To do what, during the university? Did you have fun? 

To see music, yeah with my friends. Yeah so I went to a weird University on top of the mountain there's not much to do, we will talk about that in another episode, right now Nashville. Alexia I know that you and your father watch a series on Netflix that is called Nashville. 


I think most of you were, I don't want to say stereotypes but your preconceived notions that preconceptions that you had before Nashville came from the show. 

More or less, I mean it was a very romantic show, I mean the actors and actresses they were really non real, if I can say this. 

Really non real.


Nossa, metafísica. Really non real. Caraca. OK so what were you expecting or how did your expectations meet reality in Nashville? 

Well, when we went to Nashville I was thinking like they have huge, huge houses during all the seasons from Nashville and I was hoping to see that really mentions from United States that you know that all the rich people live there. 

Is that what you think about the United States? 

Wait, wait. 

OK, I’m waiting.

All the people from Nashville, the serie, they were really rich. What?

Alexia, all of my Brazilians students say this, it's one of my pepino is one of the things that drives me insane, series. 


You said serie.

I'm sorry.

Yeah it's OK, I forgive you I'm not judging you.   

No, you don't forgive me.

But if you say serie, we understand SIRI like the lady, the voice that you hear on your iPhone. 



OK, I'm a lost here. I have to start it again. So when I was watching Nashville for the first time I was really amazed because every ten minutes people started to sing and to go to the Ryman and present concerts and everything else and I was wondering if every corner of the city we would watch or see people playing and if it was a natural, how can I say, I natural thing from Nashville. And yes, it is. 

Are you talking about the prevalence of music, in the music city?

Yes, so, this is true. 

Yeah so a couple of things here, first Alexia had the preconception that there are a lot of mansions in Nashville, maybe in America in general and that is definitely true a lot of big houses in Nashville, right?

Huge mansions. 

Yeah, beautiful old mansions, some new mansions, Nashville got a lot of money, everyone thinks that all the money in the US is in New York, California, Nashville got some money too.  

The south has old money.

The south has that old dirty money. 


I don’t know, no one's given us money.  

And yes… 

Sounds cool. 

All over the city you can see that very, very nice houses and mansions than everything else and at the same time when we went to a neighborhood to call the Gulch.

The Gulch.

The Gulch.

Yeah so, I wanted to comment on this earlier, can you say Nashville, can you say that for me one time?  


Yeah so a couple of times when Alexia’s speaking fast, I don't hear the final L sound, so in English in the linguistics we, at least I refer to this as the dark L. And it's that really elongated exaggerated sound when you say Nashville, where your tongue almost touches the back of your teeth and then  retreats back it's very hard to explain to an audience because I'm making a lot of motions with my hand but sometimes I hear nice Nashville, civil, Nashville and so just try to exaggerate a little bit and smile when you say it, helps. 


Excellent. So there's a cool neighborhood in Nashville called the Gulch.

I think it's a new neighborhood right. It looks like it. And it's full off new very, very beautiful and new apartments all around and it looks like where the young people with money lives. 

It's where the cool kids hang out. 


Where the young people live because in English, live…

I’m making so many mistakes tonight. 

It’s OK, it’s OK.

And you were complaining this morning that I was really good with the English.

That's the thing about you guys, so we're just going to finish on a positive motivational note.
When you're learning any language or learning any new skill that is really worth learning, you have good days and bad days right? You have on days and off days, would you agree with that with your English?

Yes I do.

Acontece comigo sempre com meu português que eu tenho dias que eu não consigo falar português. 

Mas é o que eu tava falando no começo do episódio, tem dias que eu acordo e não consigo falar um bom dia direito. 

Yeah, todo mundo me pergunta tipo como que você aprendeu português? E um dia depois eu acordo e eu não falo português, porra nenhuma né. 

Language Foster. (…) rapidinho, I was afraid to really seek here one year ago, more or less, I got really sick. And during all the sickness, if I can say to hour of sickness, I was only speaking English with you, do you remember that and the other day when I was trying to get better and everything else I was so proud of me because… 

I was so proud of myself. 

Of myself because I wasn't making so many mistakes. 

Yeah. Yeah Alexia got sick one time and (...) and her English was OK, that is a good story, not sure how relates to Nashville.

It's not related to Nashville, it’s related to … you’re so mean with me. 

OK, gente. We are going to have an episode all about American music the Grand Old Opry and a lot more on Nashville to come, until then any final word Alexia? 

Why are you so mean with me?

Why am I so mean to you. 

See. OK, I’m going to say goodbye because day is another good day. Beijo.