Inglês Nu E Cru Rádio - 06 - Learn English like babies


I’ve taught English for almost 8 years now so I’ve heard all of the excuses about why you can’t learn English. Until today, I still have not heard one excuse that makes sense. Let’s take a look at two of the most common excuses.

Language learning myth #1: I’m just not good with languages. I’ve tried and I just don’t get it.

I am sorry, but this is bullshit. Excuse my language, but this is one of the worst excuses that I hear daily.

You learned Portuguese, right? Barring some mental deficiency, ALL HUMANS learn a language. Most of them learn several.

When you were a baby, what happened? You listened to your parents. You tried to imitate them. You made a lot of mistakes. You said a lot of stupid and silly things. Eventually, you started speaking with a perfect accent. Years later, you learned how to read and write.

Perhaps you didn’t notice, but that is the exact same approach that we apply in our courses at Inglês Nu e Cru :)

Myth #2: But I am an adult, it’s easy for babies, they are like sponges!

First of all, think about what you are saying. A baby is more intelligent than you? You have years of life experience, knowledge and skills that a baby doesn’t have. It’s kind of a ridiculous argument to say that a baby can acquire a skill better than an adult.

To be fair, there are two advantages that babies have: time and no fear.

Babies have a lot of time. Essentially the only thing they have to do is cry, eat, poop, sleep, and try to learn how to be a normal human. They don’t have a job, responsibilities, etc.

But we will talk about the time problem in the next episode.

Babies have no fear of making mistakes. Babies are great language learners because they just go for it. They hear a sound and they try to repeat it. If they make a mistake, they don’t mind they just try again.

In a future episode, we will give you effective strategies to overcome the fear of making mistakes. I promise once you start learning more like a baby, the process of learning English will be more fun and dramatically more effective.

I’ll see you tomorrow.