147 - Dirty T's em inglês

Today we are talking about the T sound in English! But it is not what you think. There are actually A LOT of different T sounds in English. As always, we have fun and make some ridiculous jokes while teaching you real English.

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Frases do episódio para treinar o /TH/  

  • Three things that I think about are my father, my mother, and my brother. 
  • Thank you a thousand times for those things you did on Thursday. 
  • Both of us think that the health insurance market is thriving. 
  • Think about how different the north and the south of the United States are.

English Translation

Hey guys. In the last episode, we talked a little bit about the /TH/ sound. For a lot of different reasons, the /TH/ is one of the most difficult sounds for Brazilians. So we think it deserves another episode. Today we are really going to put the /TH/ into practice with some challenging phrases and expressions. Also, you will learn more about how to respond to questions like "What's up?" and "What's going on?" And as always, you will hear a lot of laughing from both Foster and Alexia. Have fun and learn some English!